Daily Life of a Modern Christian

The daily life of most people is to wake up, check their phone, go to work, spend time with family & friends, eat dinner, watch TV, and go to bed. Sound familiar?

daily life

This is the average day for believers and unbelievers alike. But it shouldn’t be.

Christians are not of the world. We are to be unstained and unchanged by it. So shouldn’t our daily lives look different?

Daily Life of a Christian

Instead of checking our phones first thing in the morning, we should be praying. Praising God, thanking God, asking for guidance for the day, and saying “Here I am God, send me.”

When we go to work, we shouldn’t be focusing on how many hours are left of our shift or how many sales we can get that day. We should be focusing on how we can be working for the glory of God. How can God use us to further His kingdom while we’re sitting at our desks or traveling to meet clients?

After work, who are we spending the most time with, and are we using that time to personally witness to them? That doesn’t mean you need to have a coming-to-Jesus moment with your family and friends every day. It could be as simple as them noticing that you live and love differently than others.

Are we saying grace at dinner with more than just a canned thank you? Are we taking time to read the Bible and pray before going to bed or are we spending more time binge-watching our favorite TV show?

As Christians, we need to be focused on more than our smartphones, our careers, and ourselves. After all, our lives are not our own. We were bought with the price of Jesus’ blood so that we would live like Him and further the kingdom of God. Jesus did not die on the cross for us to watch Netflix for four hours and mindlessly scroll through Facebook as soon as we wake up.

We should be living like Jesus. Focused on God.

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