Thoughts On Smartphones for Christians

Our smartphones are in our hands most of the time, let’s face it. We would love to say that we read our Bible more than we’re on our phones but most of us would be lying. Our brains have been conditioned to think that our lives happen inside our smartphones (which is appalling). But, this is not a post about how to uncondition ourselves to stay off our phones. I’m not a Psychologist. This is a post about how to use our screentime better to keep our eyes on matters in heaven rather than here on Earth.

Most time spent on smartphones is scrolling through social media. So, let’s start there. Who are you following? The accounts and pages that you follow are what’s coming up in your newsfeed that you’re scrolling through, so who are they? More importantly, are they faith-based accounts/people that will help you grow in your Christian walk? You choose who you follow. So you can choose to unfollow anyone/anything that doesn’t point you in the direction of Christ.

The next thing that people do the most on their phones is play games. Believe it or not, there are TONS of Christian games! Bible Word Puzzle, Bible Trivia Quiz, Bible Coloring, Bible Word Search, Holyscapes, Pathway to Jesus, and much more! Let’s swap our Candy Crush with Praise Garden and see if it makes a difference.

Then there’s the news. Oh boy, what a topic. The best piece of advice I can give here is to find a news outlet that is Christian-based and download THAT app.

What other apps do you find yourself on the most?

The YouVersion Bible app is a favorite of mine. You can read the Bible, listen to the Bible, complete Bible plans, discover podcasts and videos, create Bible verse images to share online, etc.

If we’re going to be on our phones a lot, we might as well be using it to bring us closer to God.

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