My Favorite Ways To Study The Bible

The Bible is our one infallible source of information about God. Studying the Bible brings us closer to God as we learn about Him and how He wants us to live. I study the Bible in different ways depending on what I specifically want to focus on.

3 Ways To Study The Bible

  1. Topical studies help if I’m focusing on something specific, like fear. I often start with and see what the top Bible verses are regarding the word. Then, I’ll read those verses in context so I know I’m not misinterpreting anything. I pray about those verses and look them up in my study Bible to see what extra information I can find. Sometimes, I’ll find credible articles on
  2. I love to study the Bible by book. I’ll focus on the book of Matthew, for example, and go verse-by-verse. My study Bible helps me a lot through this process and sometimes I’ll use commentaries by someone I trust. I collect as much background information as I can about the writer and the time that the book was written to better understand the context of where the book fits in along Jesus’ timeline.
  3. Bible study workbooks are good too. Personally, I use because they are aligned with my reformed beliefs. However, there are tons of Bible study workbooks available on Amazon or at your local bookstore. Workbooks are designed to help you think more critically about what you’re reading.

Diving deep into the Bible is essential for knowing God and how He wants us to live. How do you study the Bible?

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