Thoughts On Who I’m Following

I recently read a book titled “Who Are You Following?” by Sadie Robertson Huff. It made me truly ask myself, “who am I following?” but my brain instantly wired the question to who I’m following on social media instead of in real life.

On social media, I follow my friends and family as well as my favorite writers and actors. After reading this book, I looked closely at that list and realized that when I’m on social media I have no Christian influences filling my news feed.

So, I went searching for accounts of people and organizations I like to follow outside of social media and was able to add BibleGateway, Crossway, Steven Lawson, Lifeway, Ligonier, Proverbs 31 Ministry, Reformation Heritage Books, The Daily Grace Co, The Reformation Study Bible, YouVersion, and Zondervan.

Then, I went through my list of accounts I follow and unfollowed any accounts of people/organizations that posted frequently about values that I didn’t agree with. It’s healthy to connect with people who have different views than you, but if you’re trying to make your virtual world mimic your real world, then it’s okay to unfollow people.

We spend a lot of time in the virtual world and it shouldn’t distract us from our faith, but instead, be used as a tool to connect us with other Christians and remind us of the Scriptures and how to live a holy life. In real life, our lives should show that we follow Jesus. Our online life should look the same.

So, who are you following? Take a look at your social media accounts and examine who you follow and whether or not you need to make some changes.

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