My Bible Reading Habits

Reading the Bible is how we learn about God and how He wants us to live. Regular Bible reading habits help us know the scriptures to stand against the adversary and have encouragement in times of tribulation. I try to include God’s Word as much as possible in my life. Life sometimes gets in the way, but having a habit in place helps me build a strong relationship with God.

My Bible Reading Habits

  1. Pray Before Reading
    We can’t understand the Bible without God’s help. I always start any Bible reading with a prayer for wisdom and His understanding.
  2. Read Every Day
    It takes self-discipline to sit down and study the Bible every day, but it’s very important. Self-discipline is an essential characteristic of Christians. I try to be in the Word every day whether I’m completing a Bible study workbook, studying a particular book or passage, searching for scriptures to memorize, or finding all of the cross-reference scriptures from the Old Testament. There are many different ways to study scripture so I try to do something different each day.
  3. Read On-the-Go
    Everyone’s schedules are busy, but they shouldn’t be too busy for God’s Word. I use the YouVersion app while I’m waiting in line at the pharmacy (and other similar situations) as much as possible instead of opening Candy Crush or other worldly apps that just keep me entertained.
  4. Join a Bible Study Group
    Once a week, I meet with other Christians and dive deep into the Word. Studying the Bible with others provides you with different perspectives and insights that you wouldn’t get on your own. The encouragement that you get from being with other believers can also help break down barriers that are preventing you from being in the Bible regularly.
  5. Listen with Audio Books
    With emerging technologies, reading the Bible isn’t the only way to be in the Word. I use the audio version to listen to the Word when I’m driving, mopping the floors, or going to sleep.

What are your Bible reading habits? Do you try to incorporate the Word into your daily life in different ways? Take some time to pray about it.

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